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The solar company that installed my solar system has closed its business? Where do I go now?

If the company which has sold you the system has closed down, you still have the recourse of calling the accredited installer who installed the system.

After the installation of your system, you would have been given a copy of the installation certificate. The installer contact details and license number is given. The installer might still be liable to check the system if it falls within the workmanship warranty period. Call your local Department of Fair Trading for advice.

If the original solar install company does not trade anymore and you cannot locate the original licensed and certified solar installer, you have the option to call another local solar installer. Explain the issue with your solar system and be frank that you have not purchased the system from him, but that you need professional solar support. Be prepared to have to pay for a call out fee.

To avoid such problems in the future, we suggest you should look at an established network of qualified installers, like the LG solar dealer network to install your system n the first place.

Lease board on a company that has closed its business

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