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As a consumer, what are my rights?

When you purchase a solar system you are protected by a variety of rights, warranty’s and acts as a consumer.

When you agree to purchase a system, the company you sign a contract with is the first point of responsibility for all issues. They are the prime contractor in law, although they may subcontract some work such as installation and must ensure that all standards, laws and regulations are adhered to by their staff and their sub-contractors.

If you buy imported equipment, the warranty responsibility ultimately lays with the official importer, so it’s important to understand who that is, if it’s not your supplier. That’s why picking brand panels like LG offers you solid protection. However, should you decide to by a cheaper panel and the manufacturer has disappeared or the importer is gone bankrupt, the prime contractor has still a legal obligation to assist you.

Warranty terms and conditions vary by contract and supplier. It is important that you carefully read and compare the terms and conditions from different suppliers so you understand what you may be required to do to comply. For example many panel warranties only includes the supply of a new panel it does NOT include the labor component. LG supplies the panel and pays for the labor within 100 km of population centres.

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