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Can a solar system be installed on a slate or asbestos roof?

Solar pv systems can be installed on slate roofs

A solar system can be installed on a slate roof, though most of the installers will shy away from tackling a slate roof as it is often brittle and standing on old slate tiles for a period can crack the tiles.Usually solar system installers will charge quite a bit more installation fees for a slate roof as it takes longer - as more care has to be taken.

If you have an asbestos roof, either tiles or sheeting your installer has the right to refuse the installation, if he/she feels the job involves disturbing the existing roof structure. There are a number of different type of asbestos roof. Pretty much all of them have the potential to pose a health hazard if disturbed, drilled into or becoming cracked. We recommend you contact your nearest solar dealer for a free appraisal and roof check. In general there are now increased moves and activities by Governments to see remaining asbestos products removed safely from buildings. You might want to consider replacing your asbestos roof with a new safer one, prior to installing a solar system.

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