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Do I need to inform my electricity company that I am getting a solar system?

In most cases you do not need to inform the electricity distributor or electricity retailer as the energy distributors has to give their permission to install / connect a solar power system at the location in the first place. This application to connect your solar system is normally made by the solar installation company to the energy company on your behalf.

The meter is issued by electricity distribution company to an authorized electrician, who will install it on behalf of your solar installation company.

First before this happens your solar installer has to submit the request to install (procedure may vary in different states) and the electrician who installs the meter has to inform the energy company within 48 hours of the meter being installed.

In saying all this, a good solar installation company will take care of all these steps for you. Please use our LG solar dealer locator to find a company that can install LG panels in your area.

It is always good to inform your electric company about your solar system installation

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