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I’m building or buying a new home, should I install a solar system?

When buying or building a home it is possibly the easiest time to afford solar electric systems. You could simply add the cost of the system to the construction/purchase costs and therefore pay it with your new mortgage. There are not many items in your home, from garage to front door and stove that will pay for itself after a few years adds value to your home and then starts to make money for you, year after year.

There are solar panels installed in New Zealand in the early 1990s which are still producing electricity today, so you can expect the quality solar system benefits to be available for decades to come.

If the orientation of your roof and available roof space can support a solar system we recommend you seriously consider installing a solar power system when you buy a home. This will help you improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce the green house gas foot print of your home at the same time. The Mono-X Black panels are a very attractive looking panel and can add to the appearance of a new home (Mono-X Black product information).Consider also energy efficient lighting, solid insulation and an energy efficient hot water system at the same time to protect your wallet from rising energy prices.

Installing solar on homes increases the value of your house

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