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Should I buy a solar system?

With your own solar energy system, you can produce not only the energy of the future and make an active contribution to climate protection, but you are also choosing an investment with a good rate of return for the following reasons:

  1. 1. Energy prices have increased over the past years. A solar power system will allow you to be less exposed to any further increases in the future. Other than getting a very large system it is not likely that you will get zero dollar bills, but you may be able to receive reductions in your electricity bills. The bigger the system the more electricity it will generate and potentially the bigger the reductions.
  2. 2. You will produce your own electricity and use it for your own consumption. Naturally for this portion of your past bills, you will not have to pay the energy retailer any more
  3. 3. When you are overseas or interstate for holidays and do not use your electricity in your house the electricity you do not use is fed back to the power grid, and most energy retailers will pay you a small feed-in tariff. This will then be applied as a credit against your future bills.

Please note there is no solar government rebate available. Some solar installation companies offer financing options, which could reduce your initial outlays. This will allow you to use the electricity cost savings to help finance the repayments.

Millions of home owners across the globe and in New Zealand have already chosen LG solar panels. A certified LG installer will guide you from your first considerations through to planning and installation of your solar energy system.

solar systems of any size can be expanded.

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