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Show me list of solar manufacturers which have restructured, left Australia or gone bankcrupt over the past years.

In order to get follow up support for example regarding warranty for your solar panels and inverter it is important that you can contact the manufacturer or their representatives. If the manufacturer has left the industry follow up service will be genrally more difficult to obtain.

Rest in Peace: The List of Deceased Solar Companies

The sad, inevitable results of the Venture Capital bubble and solar shakeout

  By Eric Wesoff: April 6, 2013

We listed the more than 200 VC-funded solar startups back in 2008. We knew that we'd be writing about most of them on their way up -- as well as on their way down. Add one more solar company to the list of insolvent solar firms. It's one you may not have heard of: Concentrator Optics. The firm had received investment from Capricorn Venture Partners to build Fresnel lenses for the CPV market.

Imagine approaching a VC firm with that pitch today. GTM Research forecasts 21 gigawatts of PV module manufacturing capacity coming offline by 2015 as the global market reconciles a dire supply-demand imbalance. (See PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook: 2012-2016.)

Capacity coming offline means less-efficient companies closing down. Of course there's another long list of relatively unknown Chinese companies closing down as well. Here's an incomplete list of the solar firms that have left the building -- either by closure, bankruptcy, or fire-sale acquisition:

2009 to 2010 - Bankrupt, closed, acquired

·  Advent Solar (emitter wrap-through Si) acquired by Applied Materials

·  Applied Solar (solar roofing) acquired by Quercus Trust

·  OptiSolar (a-Si on a grand scale) closed

·  Ready Solar (PV installation) acquired by SunEdison

·  Solasta (nano-coaxial solar) closed

·  SV Solar (low-concentration PV) closed

·  Senergen (depositing silane onto free-form metallurgical-grade Si substrates) closed

·  Signet Solar (a-Si) bankrupt

·  Sunfilm (a-Si) bankrupt

·  Wakonda (GaAs) closed

2011  - Bankrupt, closed

2011 - Acquisition, sale

2012 - Bankrupt, closed

·  Soltecture (CIGS BIPV) bankrupt

·  Sun Concept (developer) bankrupt

2012 Acquisition, fire sale, restructuring

·  Oelmaier (Germany inverters) insolvent, bought by agricultural supplier Lehner Agrar

·  Q.Cells (c-Si) insolvent, acquired by South Korea's Hanwha

·  Solibro (CIGS) Q-Cells unit acquired by China's Hanergy

·  Solon (c-Si) acquired by UAE's Microsol 

2012 Acquisition, fire sale, restructuring, …

·  Scheuten Solar (BIPV) bankrupt, then acquired by Aikosolar

·  SolFocus (CPV) layoffs, restructuring for sale

·  Sunways (c-Si, inverters) bought by LDK, restructuring to focus on BIPV and storage

2013, Bankrupt or leaving industry

2013, Acquisition, sale, restructuring

·  Diehl (Germany inverters) inverter division sold to PE firm mutares AG

·  ISET (CIGS) moving into "microsolar"

·  MiaSolé (CIGS) acquired by China's Hanergy

·  Nanosolar (CIGS) restructuring for sale

·  NuvoSun (CIGS) acquired by Dow

·  Twin Creeks (kerfless Si) acquired by GT Advanced Technology

·  Wuerth Solar (installer) business turned over to BayWa

·  Conergy Germany, restructuring

   Aleo Solar, Germany, leaving Australia

Please note: This list is not complete.

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