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What factors will affect the price of the system quoted to me?

The price of a solar system can be affected by a number of variables including:

  1. Government rebates available
  2. Quality of panels, inverter and workmanship (huge differences)
  3. Number of panels
  4. Tilt and orientation of panels (if tilt frame is required for example)
  5. Type of inverter - string inverter or micro inverters
  6. System design and configuration
  7. Shipping costs for equipment and parts
  8. Dealer installation costs
  9. Relocation of objectives of shading like antennas
  10. Type and angle of roofing (for example, tile or tin)
  11. Height of roof such as single or multi-storey
  12. Site preparation needs (for example the condition of roof)

Your local solar power system installer will be able to give you professional advice and pricing (LG Dealer Search).

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