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What is AS/NZ 5033 and how does it effect Solar installations?

The AS/NZ 5033 is the latest Standards for the installation of solar panels. The standard started in late 2012 with some elements come into force only recently.

Some of the key aspects of the new standard are:

  1. All equipment and wiring shall be selected and installed in accordance with the provisions of AS/NZS 3000 and requirements of this standard (Clause 4.1). Please Note: Inverters must be installed in locations with safe access and adequate working space and be readily available(this does not apply to micro inverters).
  2. PV cabling must be identified with a permanent, indelible marking in English or coloured "SOLAR" labels attached at intervals of not more than 2 meters. When the PV cable is enclosed in conduit or other wiring enclosure a coloured "SOLAR" label must be attached at each end of the wiring enclosure and at each change of direction. (Clause 5.3.1).
  3. All outdoor equipment must be suitable for the environment and be at least IP 54 and UV resistant. (Clause
  4. All PV array switch-disconnectors must be readily accessible (Clause and are to be marked with an identification name or number according to the PV array wiring diagram and have clear indication of isolation position off and on e.g. O and I. (Clause 5.5.1).
  5. Earthing or bonding connections MUST BE arranged so that the removal of a single module earth connection will not affect the continuity of the earthing or bonding connections to any other module. (Clauses &
AS/NZ 5033 Installation Standard

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