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What is involved in getting a free in-home solar analysis today with our experienced LG energy solutions experts?

LG energy solution experts conduct energy audits and suggest you the suitable size for installing LG solar panels

There has never been a better time to install solar and there has never been a better reason to go solar. Solar panel prices have reduced by 500% since 2008. Today solar is easy to install and you can buy high quality LG panels at affordable prices. Of cause residential solar power can help reduce electricity bill costs. Use our calculators on this website to calculate some of the potential savings.

We also recommend you undertake an energy audit of your home. Look at lack of insulation, lighting like many halogen lights and older style air-conditioning units as potential causes of high electricity bills. Did you know for example that an air-conditioning unit made in 2013, by a reputable manufacturer is likely to be 30% more energy efficient than units made in 2006. Some LG solar installers also undertake energy audits. Ask you installer for this service or if he can recommend a trustworthy energy auditing company. Then with the result of the audit you can devise a plan to make your home more energy efficient, step by step.

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