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What is the warranty on the panels?

12 Year Warranty

LG offers a very large and comprehensive warranty on its solar panels. There is a 12 Year Product Warranty for Module(s) from date of purchase with a free of charge repair or replacement (at LG’s discretion) of the module and a 25 Years Limited Warranty for Power Output. LG guarantees that for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase the actual power output of the module will be no less than 98% of the labeled power output.

From the second year, the actual power output will decline annually by no more than 0.6% for a period of remaining 24 years, so that by the end of the 25th year, an actual output of at least 83.6% of the nameplate power out specified on the module will be achieved. The main difference is the stepped warranty over 25 years and not a drastic reduction if performance as seen in some panel warranties.

LG also has a Customer Care Centre open in Eastern Creek, Australia and Christchurch New Zealand which is open seven days to take calls and any warranty claims. These claims will then be passed onto LG’s solar unit to be processed with the help of our dealer network.

These warranties and attached service level offer a clear peace of mind scenario for the end customer.

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