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What other tests are conducted to ensure LG solar panels meet the strict quality criteria laid down?

There are a number of tests which are undertaken to control the solar panel’s product quality before it reaches the end customer. The tests are shown in our testing video. They include

Weather Test:

In order to eliminate premature material fatigue, our products are regularly tested for their weather resistance in wet and cold conditions and under extreme changing temperatures.

Mechanical Load Test:

Solar modules need to be able to demonstrate considerable resistance: Sophisticated mechanical load tests monitor whether our modules can resist adverse conditions such as wind, snow and ice.

Hail Test:

A hailstorm is a destructive force that solar modules need to withstand at all costs. In our hail test, hailstones made of ice are fired at the modules and a check is then performed for full functionality.

Module Breakage Test:

Stone chips, in particular, are a “natural enemy” of the solar module. Our module breakage test examines the modules for their resistance against stones and other objects that can hit the surface.

Individual Materials Test:

To ensure that the solar modules function properly in terms of their component interaction, individual parts such as wafers, ethylene vinyl acetate film (EVA), glass and backing film are subjected to stringent tests.

Maximum Output Test:

After undergoing various “environmental impact tests”, the module is subjected to a maximum output test. The test is only passed if the maximum output is reached consistently.

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