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What technical advantage do LG solar panels offer over any other panel?

The solar modules produced by LG meet the most stringent quality criteria – guaranteed by one of the world’s leading electronics companies.

LG Solar modules are characterised by their maximum load capacity. This is achieved by using high-quality materials — down to the smallest detail. In particular, our unique frame design is the key to withstanding extreme stresses and strains in order to safeguard your investment. After all, every module on the roof has to withstand a great deal of weather changes. Some other advantages of LG solar panels are:

Ultra-stable Frame:

The LG Solar module frame can withstand extreme stresses and strains, as a “trampling test” demonstrates. This is partly explained by the fact that the lateral supports, are screwed and not just connected.

Water Drainage:

Water is also an enemy of the solar module. Long-term damage can be the caused by condensation water pooling in the frame. Our modules ensure the effective drainage of condensation water regardless of whether they are installed in portrait or landscape.

Unique Frame Design:

LG’s high level design expertise is reflected in the unique frame design of the modules, which not only look stylish but are also extremely reliable. The frame can be mounted on all four sides, allowing for a better use of space. For correct installation consult the LG panel installation manual.

Heavy Snow Frame Test:

All LG modules withstand a pressure load of 5,400 Pa and therefore can resist heavy loads. They are also suitable for high altitudes and areas of heavy snowfall.

Wind Tested:

LG modules have also been tested against strong winds and can withstand strong vortex loads. This makes the modules well-suited for windy areas.

Individual High Quality Materials:

LG only uses high-quality materials produced by first-class manufacturers. All these components are subject to continuous quality checks, because a solar module is only as good as the quality of its component parts.

As LG operates its own production of solar cells - and does not purchase them externally, unlike many other manufacturers - complete control over the quality of the products is guaranteed, particularly with regard to these critical module components.