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When should I NOT buy a solar system?

Most of the homes or business premises in NZ can install a system but there are times when you should not buy a solar system. For example:

a. You have no roof space available which is facing North, North East, North West, West or East.

b. There is shading of trees and building most of the day on your North, East or West facing roofs.

c. You have an asbestos roof.

d. When the system has to be installed at a distance from the home (like at farm sheds) and the additional cost of running the electricity wires and poles back to the meter far outweighs the return on investment.

e. You are out of your house/premises most of the time, therefore you cannot use the solar power when it is generated. In this case solar would only be suitable if you also install a battery backup system.

Each home has its own unique characteristics, we suggest you talk to your solar installer who can advise you if the solar power system will benefit you. LG Dealer Search

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