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How do I know if a system is beneficial for me?

The benefits of a solar power system depend on a number of factors including lifestyle, size of the house, number of appliances in the house, number of residents in the home, the time of use of electricity, use of pool pumps, use of air-conditioning etc.

Be it in your home or your business - generally you will benefit most from solar energy if you can use the electricity generated then and there. For example do not wash you clothes at night, but turn on the washing machine as you leave to go to work, so that your solar system will power the machine. The same applies to the dishwasher or the dryer, maybe use a timer for those. Have your air-conditioner pre-cool the home from 3pm, and run the air-conditioning system on hot days via solar.

Even when you are not at home during the day solar can benefit as it will offset the power used in the home by the fridge, pool pumps, aquariums etc. We do suggest that you talk to one of the LG Authorised Dealers who can assess your energy usage profile and can work out the benefit you may derive. LG Dealer Search

LG Panels in italian solarfarm, 14 MW Ca

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