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What size solar PV system should I install?

The size of your solar PV system will depend on:

* The physical un-shaded area you have available for the installation of your panels check our roof space calculator on this site;

* How much you are prepared to spend ($5,000 to $10,000 will get you a decent size solar system)- if it is very cheap, the quality is very unlikely to be great, whatever the sales person says;

* What portion of your electrical consumption you wish to generate or offset.

To work out what size solar PV system you require, you need to analyze your household’s daily electricity consumption. Your electricity bill shows your household’s electricity consumption in kilowatt hours and your average daily electricity consumption. From this you can calculate the average amount of electricity your new solar PV system needs to produce to cover your electricity needs. Naturally the solar system needs to produce the electricity when you are likely to consume it. If you are out during the day and only run energy intensive appliances at night, then maybe solar is not for you – unless perhaps you also install a storage solution. If on the other hand you are at home with the children and grandparents during the day, then a solar system can certainly make sense. Our LG solar dealer can assist you in working out how much benefit a solar system will give to your particular situation.

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