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Why is a Back-to-Grid System popular in New Zealand?

In NZ the back-to-grid or grid connected solar power systems as they are called are common because of the regular electricity supply and the extensive network developed over the years.

The availability of regular and reliable electricity via the grid has made grid connected system popular. The most common use for solar electricity today is called an On Grid Solar System.

On Grid means the solar electricity system is connected to an existing grid power supply. This use for solar electricity is popular because instead of using batteries for storage, electricity is imported and exported to the grid as generation and demand varies. This helps reduce the cost and complexity of home solar systems as battery components are eliminated.

On Grid solar systems use inverters to convert the electricity produced by solar panels to the same voltage and frequency as grid power and to synchronize the systems together. On Grid solar systems incorporate safety devices which allow solar systems to be isolated automatically if the grid is shut down for safety or maintenance purposes.

On Grid systems constantly monitor the voltage and frequency of the grid and specific standards exist to ensure that solar systems comply with this in NZ and other countries. This is one reason why choosing a high quality inverter is important. Lower quality inverters can suffer “trip-outs” if the grid power is varying and but higher quality units are better able to cope with fluctuations and keep your solar power system connected.

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