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Why is a site inspection important?

It is very important to get the solar quote person come to your house and investigate your particular circumstances. It is not enough to get a final quote over the internet without the company actually having seen your house. Would you accept a quote to install a new stairway or a new bathroom in your house via a call centre - without a site visit? If the quoting company can not give you a free site inspection, then you are not their priority - not now and not when they install your system. For some in the solar industry that follow the internet and google map sales model, it is all about sales volume - not necessarily about solar sales service.

Let me give you an example:

What is the electricity consumption pattern of my household and how does this affect the installation direction of my panels? Let me explain:

In example A, if you are a nurse and work shift work from 5am and come home by 2.30pm, it would make no sense to install your solar system on an easterly or north-easterly roof, as your solar system will perform at its peak early in the morning till lunch time - just when you are out. Therefore your system generation would mostly be exported and nowadays electricity retailers only pay relatively low feed-in tariffs. Therefore your financial advantage from you solar system would be severely reduced. IT IS IMPORTANT that you install the solar system on a roof direction which matches with your electricity consumption pattern. In the case of example A it would be much better to have the solar system installed on a north-westerly or even a westerly roof. That way the solar system output would be at its max in the hours from 1pm to late afternoon, a much better match with your likely consumption pattern. As you need to have the electricity you use offset as much as possible by the"free" solar electricity your consumption pattern and the peak generation period of your system should match. Let your LG authorized installer explain this fact a bit more.

Solar system size to be decided based on your houseld consumption of electricity

Some cheap solar system sales companies are only focused on the sale and not the after service or installation details. They use cheaper materials, but via smart marketing make the customer feel they buy top of the range quality. Many solar panels with European sounding names are actually made in China. Make sure you get in writing, from your installer where your inverter and panels are made and double check these facts on the internet. In the past 5 years over 20 major solar manufacturers have left the industry, and in many cases customers were left stranded with long term warranties, which are now worthless.

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