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Where and how are the mounting rails attached to my roof?

Rails close up which are attached to roof to support solar panels

When fitted to metal roofs, the rails are typically connected to the battens with roofing screws, straight through the metal or by using clamps on standing seam metal roofs.

On tile roofs, aluminium rails and clamps are used but galvanised or stainless steel hooks are connected via long timber screws to rafters and by hooking underneath the front edge of the tile.

An important factor for NZ tile roofs is the type and method of going around or through the tile to attach to rafters, and ensuring the hooks match your type of roof tiles.

Poor quality systems will rarely fit well and can result in tiles failing to seal properly. This becomes especially important factor for tin roof mounting, as insulating materials below the L shaped aluminium feet are essential to avoid galvanic reaction.

Ask your LG solar supplier on what type of system is best recommended for your roof.

solar pv system installations are done with the help of rails on tile roofs

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