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Any other expenses I have to keep in mind, when installing solar?

Broadly there are 3 major costs to consider when you install a system.

A. System cost including panels, inverters and accessories such as cables, switches and mounting frames.

B. Installation cost which varies on the type of roof, height of roof, travel to location etc. and

C. The meter connection cost.

Many of the installation companies will give you a system installed cost excluding the cost of the meter which has to be installed by a Level 2 energy company certified electrician. The cost of the meter install can vary depending on the meter board requirements. We suggest that you contact the LG solar installers in your area to request a site inspection and a full system install quote, meaning a quote which includes meter install.

This way you know the cost for the complete system. Also make sure you check if there are any future service visits included and how long the workmanship warranty will be. Workmanship warranty is the warranty for the work the installer has performed. It is usually given by the installation company itself and minimum terms are set by State/Territory regulations.

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