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Can you give me some tips for selecting an inverter?

Choosing an inverter is a matter of understanding what performance you want and the price you want to pay for it. Inverters are the heart of a solar system and LG panels should always be paired with a quality inverter. In a high % of system failures, the reason is an inverter malfunction.

Inverters differ by several factors:

  1. Wattage rating or how much power in watts the inverter can deliver. For example there are currently 1,6kW, 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5KW and 10 KW residential solar inverters on the market.
  2. Start-up voltage i.e. at what level of sunshine the inverter will function. The start-up voltage can vary from 90V to 155V depending on the brand and size of the inverter.
  3. Surge power. How much power and for how long it can deliver the power needed to start motors or other loads.
  4. Efficiency, or how efficient the inverter is at low, medium and high power draws, as well as how much power is used when on idle.
  5. Quality or shape of the electrical wave, whether pure sine wave or modified sine wave.

Choose carefully as an investment into a quality inverter can result in higher efficiencies and also potentially longer life span of the inverter. LG recommends matching a high quality inverter with our solar panels. Your installer can recommend quality inverter brands to you (LG Dealer Search).

Good quality inverter must be selected

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