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Checklist on warranty and performance before you buy a solar system?

There are a few clarifications you should seek on warranty and performance of the system you are buying. Remember it is a product which will last for a long time and should generate electricity cost savings from the day you get the solar power system installed.

  1. What performance guarantees do you get for the system as a whole? Is the dealer willing to give you in writing the expected annual kW/h of electricity your system is expected to generate?
  2. How will you know if your system is performing to its maximum potential on a day to day basis? What should you check?
  3. Does the designer/installer provide some kind of optional service agreement to come in later years to check on the system?
  4. If problems arise with your system, what services will the designer/installer provide and for how long?
  5. Will the designer/installer be readily available to troubleshoot and fix problems? If the system installers are not locally based, how likely will they be there to assist you should there be a problem?
  6. If something goes wrong, who is responsible for repair or replacement costs? Get the installation company to explain this point clearly and make notes.
  7. Who is responsible for maintaining the system? What maintenance will be required in your instance eg lots of insidious trees shedding leaves in autumn.
  8. What kind of training will the designer/installer provide at the time of system hand over?
  9. Will basic system safety issues be explained as part of the system hand over and via the owner handbook?

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