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How do I get paid for the electricity generated by my solar power system?

Every watt of electricity generated by your solar power system and used by you directly in your house will save you money, as you do not have to buy this electricity from your electricity retailer. Therefore it makes sense to use pool filters, dishwashers and washing machines when the sun shines brightly.

You should also check whether your energy provider offers feed-in tariffs for any surplus power generated and sent back to the grid. The amount paid to you for each kilowatt hour of electricity can vary between energy retailers and restrictions may apply. You should talk to your LG solar installer or call your energy retailer and ask them about their solar feed-in-tariff rate. In some areas not every electricity provider pays for the electricity you feed back.

Your local LG solar installer can advise you as to the energy retailer which offers the best feed-in tariff deal in your area. Consider changing energy retailer if you can get a better feed-in-tariff from another energy company (LG Dealer Search).

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