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Is my roof suitable to install solar panels?

The easiest roof to install solar on are metal roofs, either conventional up to 25 degree or flat. Tiled roofs are ok as well as long as the tiles are not too old and fragile. Slate roofs can have solar – but are more difficult and usually cost a bit more. Asbestos roof installations are not recommended and it would be strongly advisable to change the asbestos tiles or sheets first, before installing the solar system.

Naturally single storey homes are easier to access than double storey roofs but installers can install systems at most heights.

Also trees close to the roof can cause issues with overshadowing, and with leaves and branches covering the panels and reducing output. Micro inverters nowadays can offer an advantage in overshadow situation as they regulate the output of each panel individually. So if you have a strong possibility of overshadowing during the year micro inverters and or a solar edge set up can be more advantageous than the conventional solar power string inverter.

We recommend for you to get a site inspection and have your professional LG solar dealer to give you feedback on the suitability of your roof.

LG panels fit with many type of roof tiles

LG panels fit with many type of roof tiles

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