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When should I not invest in a solar system?

There are some situations where it potentially makes sense to not buy a solar system. Here are our top tips on when not to buy a solar system:

If you are uncomfortable or suspicious about what you are being offered. Unfortunately, some solar companies try to oversell, overpromise or pressure you into buying a solar system. If you are suspicious of your supplier, don’t feel confident that they will be around to support you or the promises seem too good to be true, they probably are and it may be worth pausing. Be careful of cheap solar deals, that offer quality equipment. Watch for the catch.

If your house is heavily shaded. In some situations, heavy shading can reduce the output of a solar system so much that it can be ineffective. You should consider the impact of current shading and also, the potential for future shading from tree growth or known renovations on closely adjoining properties. In heavily shaded situations a shade analysis is essential and will allow you to decide based on output and economics whether it is worth proceeding or not. (Please note micro inverters can help in partly shaded locations).

Buying at the last minute… although solar systems have become very affordable, there is sometimes a temptation to rush the purchase when incentive schemes are being wound up. Although you may get a better deal during times like this, take care not to overlook the details of what you are buying and most importantly, that your supplier can supply and install it in a time frame that secures any incentives on offer. If your supplier cannot guarantee supply and installation and incentives are crucial, rushing at the last minute may not be a good time to buy solar.

Finally, you need to be able to use the electricity your system generates. If you are never home during the day and do not run freezers, aquariums, pool pumps or other heave electricity consumables during the day, then maybe solar is not right for you right now. Look at solar again in a few years, when cost competitive solar electricity storage solutions are on the market.

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