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Q. What should I check in a quote before I buy a solar power system?

Make sure the installer comes to your house and has a look, before you get the quote. Internet based solar companies quote you for a system over the phone can spell trouble for the install quality, as they cannot truly appreciate the individual set up of your house. Are the tiles brittle ? Where are any surrounding trees, which can cause overshadowing?What about antennas and chimney locations - which in the future through overshadowing can affect the system output significantly? How old is your switch board and does it need upgrading to handle solar? All these questions only become clear through a proper home inspection.

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Q. Checklist before you accept a quote or sign a contract?

After you have decided on a suitable solar system, remember the following before you sign the contract


  1. Does the price quoted include or exclude money received from the STCs(rebate)?
  2. Does the price quoted include all the necessary metering changes and paperwork for my local electricity supplier?
  3. Does the quote include all labour, transportation and inspection charges?
  4. Does the designer/installer give an accurate estimation of my system’s electricity production with their quotes?
  5. Are the warranties, including workmanship warranty clearly spelled out?
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