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Based in Canterbury, Kea Energy offers sustainable energy solutions via a wide range of sustainable energy systems and engineering solutions.

If you need us to price for a complete turnkey package, contact us today. We offer competitive prices and quality gear. Our mounting equipment is from Germany, our inverters are from Austria, and panels include top brands like LG.

Our solar parks are of the highest quality and installed at the most competitive prices in the New Zealand market.

We look at the electricity demand for your company and match it with the best sized solar park for your business.  In some cases, a solar tracking system is better value than a cheaper fixed system.

Alternatively, if you have a lifestyle section or farm and want the sun to do the work for you, we can install the solar park and buy the power back from you. 

We are a leader in the NZ sustainable energy industry with an unparalleled track record in implementing cost effective sustainable energy systems for our diverse range of customers.

Our offer of PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) is another option for your business, where no capital is paid for the panels which are installed on your property, and all you do is buy cheaper power from the panels using Kea Energy’s retail arm.

Our experienced, motivated and highly qualified team works with a wide range of organisations, both large and small, across a range of market segments. We have worked with private and listed companies, SMEs, independent schools, not for profits organisations, government departments, local government and energy intensive businesses.

We assist with immediate, innovative and cost-effective solutions. We look forward to assisting many more organisations in ways that suit individual business requirements and priorities.

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Kea Energy are a family run company based in Canterbury, New Zealand that generate their own environmentally friendly electricity. They own, operate, maintain and manage hydro-turbines and solar generating plants.

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