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LG solar panels and especially the LG NeON range have specific technical advantages which can result in better performance and greater overall electricity output, compared to other standard panels.

LG panels have around 30 important advantages that form the cornerstone of one of the most robust and long term solar energy solutions on the market.

  • Twenty-five (25) year parts and labour manufacturer's warranty
  • Divsersified manufacturer - stable and strong warranty
  • Tier 1 Ranking by Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Australia-wide LG Dealer Network
  • Warranty registration with LG Australia/NZ
  • Stylish addition to your roof
  • Higher output after 25 years with LG Panels

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Choosing long lasting, high-efficiency LG solar panels and quality inverter solutions will ensure you will have a long-lasting and trouble-free solar energy system. Longer lasting systems will in all likelihood provide a higher financial return than poor quality systems which means that LG panels can create one of the best financial and environmental results for you. LG has partnered with 70 quality focused and reputable installation companies to install our solar panels Australia-wide. This means wherever you are in Australia, an LG installer is only a phone call away.

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