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Do you think in the next twenty years we will see application of solar in other fields?

If we jump ahead here is what we are likely to see:

  1. Solar power will be a strong contributor to the energy generation mix;
  2. Solar technologies which are significantly more efficient and thus able to be fitted to more locations, more tolerant of shading and easily integrated into the fabric of buildings;
  3. Advanced solar technologies which allow the integration of solar into materials such as fabrics and paints;
  4. The increased storage of solar energy in compact batteries to be released during days with low sun light or during the night;
  5. Solar will be used to store energy in batteries and these batteries will be used for vehicles and many other applications.

Electric Car

Although this may seem far-fetched, many examples of these applications and scenario’s are actually being trialed today in laboratories or in applications where cost is no barrier.

From history, one thing that it is proven is that despite some bumps and glitches, solar panel costs have fallen from $6 per watt in 2007 to around $1 per watt, which drives further costs reductions and it has happened far faster than most analysts projected.

LG is committed to solar research and solar panel cost reduction with a high number of solar patents.