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Can I clean my panels or get them cleaned to get better performance?

Clean panels mean that your solar power system will perform at the optimum capacity. A dirty or leaf covered panel will drop the efficiency and generating power of the solar power system. 

It is estimated that a dirty panel looses around 5% efficiency compared with a clean solar panel. So if you are in a very dusty or high traffic location do consider to have your panels cleaned every few years. On the otherhand if your area receives regular flushing rain, then extra cleaning might not be required.

LG never recommends for end customers to climb on the roof to clean their solar panels. Get a qualified tradesman to do it for you. Overall remember your LG panels are self-cleaning in the rain due to the type of glass used on the solar panel and our panels will require low maintenance.

Maybe consider at time of purchase to negotiate one or more follow up visits by the installation company in years to come for check up, maintenance and cleaning. Make these follow up visits a condition of your buying decision and negotiate a fair price for the follow up visits.

Solar panels which are clean are more efficient

A few things to keep in mind when you get the panels cleaned.

  1. The goal is to get the glass clean and clear as possible so you don't want to scratch it with abrasive soap or abresive cleaning sponge. 
  2. A soft cloth/sponge and some soft small amount of biodegradable soap can be used. If the panels get cleaned frequently then one might just get away with washing them straight with water.
  3. When the tradesman gets on the roof to clean panels advice them to be very careful as it will be slippery once one starts washing panels.
  4. For 2nd storey we always recommend scaffold/harness and all other relevant safety equipment;
  5. Do not have solar panels washed on very hot days as cold water and hot panels do not mix. The glass on the panel, while toughened and strong could be damaged by sudden shock in temperatures.
  6. Do not use high pressure washing equipment on solar panels. The high pressure could force water into junction boxes OR PLUGS which are not 100 sealed or via other areas. Hose is acceptable if pressure is not on full and if you avoid cable connections and junctionboxes. 
  7. I have seen installers use a soft pressure level on a hose and a soft broom to clean panels . this seemed effective. 

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