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What and who are accredited solar designers / installers?

To be eligible for government rebates, the designer and installer of your solar PV system must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council. The Clean Energy Council’s accreditation scheme ensures that accredited designers and installers of solar PV power systems:

  1. have undergone the necessary professional training
  2. follow industry best practice
  3. adhere to Australian Standards
  4. routinely update their skills and product knowledge.

An accredited designer/installer will provide you with a solar PV system design and specification. This will include things such as:

  1. establishing your electrical loads over an average day using a load analysis
  2. recommend the size of your solar PV system
  3. recommend the type and size of inverter/micro-inverter
  4. establishing the location of solar panels in relation to angles, available sunlight, your consumption pattern, shading and temperature.

You have the right to ask the installer to show you his licence during the install process.

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