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What types of metering systems are available?

When you connect a solar system to the grid network there are two fundamental steps you need to take.

The first is to negotiate a rate for off-set and exported electricity rates from your electricity retailer. This varies by retailer, by location and by time and may or may not include feed-in tariffs depending on whether the electricity retailer you are with offers a feed-in tariff. If they do not then consider changing retailers and tell them you are leaving them because they do not offer a solar feed-in tariff.

In conjunction with this process, your solar system installer will be able to assist you and advise who offers the best feed-in tariff in your area.

The electricity network company will then specify what type of meter is required to measure your solar generation and energy consumption.

You may be required to pay for the cost of the new solar meter and or its installation, in addition to the cost of your solar system. Prices are usually a few hundred dollars. Make sure the solar electricity meter supply and connection is included in your solar power system quote.