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How do I know if my solar system is working at all?

Quality solar systems are very reliable and should offer years of trouble free operations. Nevertheless, sometimes things can go wrong. The inverter of your solar system has indication lights and via the display panel shows how much electricity your system has generated on this day so far, as well as how much it is generating right now. Read the inverter manual to check the display options. If the inverter is dead, has no lights or display then it is likely that your solar power system has shut down for safety reasons or light levels are below operating levels, eg very early in the morning.

If the inverter seems to be turned off please also check your power meter. Usually you can see if solar is exported then and there, via the electricity meter. Some new digital types for example have a small arrow in the display. If you import electricity it points towards the house (right) , if you export solar electricity it points away from the house (left).

Finally, your electricity bill will give you an indication if your solar system is working satisfactorily. For example compare last years solar power export number with this years solar export info. If your exported kW/h have significantly come down then either you are using more solar power the home, or you solar system is not performing ideally.

Ask your solar installer to show you how to read the inverter monitoring screen.

Monitoring screen of inverter helps to keep track of your solar output

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