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I have a property in Queensland and my mum has a property in Melbourne, will we get the same solar power system rebate on our photovoltaic solar system?

The number of Solar Credits created for a system will depend on the amount of renewable energy the system generates. For practical purposes in allocating certificates for small-scale solar panels installations, four separate solar zones have been identified in Australia.

For the purpose of allocating Solar Credits (which are a ‘reward’ for the clean energy you produce) all installations in a zone are taken to receive the same amount of renewable energy. For example: Solar PV systems in zone 3 which includes Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra will create the same number of STCs and potentially receive a similar level of support. The same sized system installed in zone 4, which includes Melbourne and Hobart, will receive fewer STCs as these areas have less sunshine so less renewable energy is produced.

In brief, as the solar system installed in Melbourne and the one in Queensland fall into different rebate calculation zones, the rebate will differ, but usually not too high amounts of difference.

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