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Please explain the difference between kW and kW/h?

kW stands for kilowatt, or 1,000 watts. It is a measure of power. Your LG solar power system is rated according to the number of watts it can produce each hour. This solar panel rating is seldom fully achieved in real life conditions, as dust particles and clouds constantly affect light quality. For example 12 x 260Watt panels will make up a 3.12 kW system. Normally you would then also use a 3 kW inverter with this system to convert the panel’s direct current (DC) voltage to mains supply voltage.

Usually your electricity bill is billed in units of kW/h. kW/h stands for kilowatt hour. It is a measure of energy. If you use a 1 kW electric pool pump for one hour, it will consume 1 kW/h of electricity. Or if you use 20 x 50W down lights for an hour they will consume 1kW/h of electricity. On a sunny day the solar system described above (3.12 kW) will produce approximately 2.5 to 2.8 kW/h per hour. Only on very sunny and clear days eg. after rain, your 3.12kW solar system will produce 3.12kW per hour.

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